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The result of the survey from Prachachat News about movement in the industry of real estate, we founded that many of the giant real estate company said that the land price have been raised and difficult to find a space to build a project. So they start to buy a business or a residential area to build a new project. Recently we found that Supalai  another giant of the industry of real estate in Thailand have bought an massage business call “Chawala” near train track which have area of 5 Rai to develop a 30 storey condominium. This is another prime area of ​​Bangkok . They invested more than 1.2 billion 30-storey residential condominium project to support the potential of the land. It is located in an area near the train station , Airport Link a, office buildings , hospitals, schools . Which tend to be the businesses in this area to make this plot many people are interested .

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A big real estate company like Preuksa very confident that it not very effective to company concerning the Bank become tightening home loan, they believe that the target customer is a real demand and really want to buy a house.

Mr. Lersak Julathet an Executive Vice President and Managing Director of  Prueksa Real Estate has commented on that in the case of financial institutions tend to adjust their lending to real estate clients in various states have more stringent criteria to prevent bad debts and customers can pay in installments over the period  of the contract , the company is not concerned with this matter, the overall customer base will be the demand for housing not a customer to buy for speculate. Therefore these customers tend to have a base salary sufficient for a mortgage loan and have well discipline in financial matters . Because no one wants bank to seize their property and the current guidelines of each institution was already stringent . Therefore, customers must have good credit, enough to ensure that they can make a loan.

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Housing prices in the year of 2014 are likely to get higher because of several factors such as the rising prices of materials , labor and the growth of real estate sector could be poised.

Mr.Atip Pichanon, Managing Director of Supalai Public Company Limited (Thailand ) said that the cost of the real estate sector getting high from above factors, which may cause house prices are likely to move higher . It may start at 1.5 million baht for cheapest homes prices. It could be from the main factor about land value that getting high every year. For condominium it have been forecast that will be grow to 10% in this year and it is consider to open for a sale about 100,000 units and the price will be rise from 10 to 15%.

In the other province of Thailand it expected to expanded continuously both housing and condominiums, and land prices are still not very high. It also focuses on the development of residential horizontal rather than vertical. Therefore, the operators of real estate in the region can also open new projects , especially with the continued development areas such as Pattaya , Phuket and Hat Yai, the economy market is growing. There are also many other interesting areas because of the opportunity to develop to support the AEC and is likely to be the economic center of Songkhla and Khon Kaen, Udon Thani , near the border , such as may be the hub of transportation.

ซึ่งในการลงทุนของค่าแรงงานในปีนี้และปีต่อไปเมื่อเริ่มเข้าสูเออีซีนั้น ผู้ประกอบการต้องมองตลาดและต้องนึกถึงการเปลี่ยนแปลงต่าง ๆ ที่คาดไม่ถึงด้วย ซึ่ง ไม่ต้องกลัวว่าหากไม่ได้ลงทุนแล้วตกขบวนรถไฟ เพราะ มีความเสี่ยงเกิดขึ้นได้ตลอดเวลา การ ม้วนเสื่อลงทุน ดีกว่าทุ่มสุดตัวไปแล้วเจ๊ง

The investment of labor costs this year and the following year began to enter the AEC, the entrepreneurs need to be concentrate about the change or market.

Source www.reic.or.th

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Luxury Condominium project in the heart of Pattaya surround with perfect environments equipped with various facilities such as hospitals, shopping mall,  tourist attractions and convenience transportation made Supalai Mare @ Pattaya condominium project established, to meet the needs  of a resident place to relax and comfort in the heart of the tourism city of Eastern region.

The project area 7-1-93 rai residential with single building of 35 floors and Community Mall + i building of Club House 3-story buildings. There are 1,154 residential units and 25 commercial units at Supalai Mare . The starting pricing from 1 Million and down payment start from  3,900 baht / month, so customers can own easily. This project have all facilities such  as swimming pool with pool salt system, exercise room , aerobics and sauna park, adventure park, pocket garden, special sky lounge and roof garden.  The security that is available to you and your family 24 hour

With a modern building designed in a Modern Style by bringing the natural environment into the design elements of the building can offer residents breathtaking views of both the sea and the mountains. They also have the green light and materials that can help reduce the heat to the building so you do not have to worry about heat and sunlight to penetrate deep into the living room and Supalai also ensure quality and long-standing reputation of the company. Will make you believe in the potential and the quality of the project and hope that with the potential of making the best of the Supalai Mare @ Pattaya will make you and your family a happy , comfortable with the quality of Supalai .

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For those who want to buy a condo, it is sure that they need a good security, convenience for both residing and transportation and daily life. They also need space to do on vacation such as a fitness walk in the park . You do not have to go out to dissipate the cost for gasoline in this economic situation

Land and house have presented their projects to meet the demand for people who wanted to buy the condominium at this era. Living @ Ease proposed project is located on Rama 2 Road, which can connect the city easily. Because there are motorway and ring road and also easy access to the heart of the business district of Silom and near shopping center like Rama 2 Central  At Central Rama II Therefore believe that it comfort you. The project focus on design , you get the convenience of living close to nature. The project , which has a relaxing garden center project includes a pool for you to relax on vacation and have an open gym . Lobby for a relaxing break. The scenery of the project not crowded . So you can live very comfortably and with the name of LH would guarantee the quality, stability and choice

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For those who want a buy a condominiums for living and  emphasizes comfort near the workplace, business location and easy to travel in different places. You had found it right here at Casa  Condominium as it  can meet all you rneed. The project is located near the Taladplue Train station  which is the biggest marketing and oldest community also easily access both  Ratchada,  Thapra and  Ratchaphruek Road and also Kanlapapruek road. Therefore you will have a comfort travel, and with the design of the building to facilitate both a panoramic view various parking, safety and  trees within the project and the building and facilities such as fitness center, swimming pool hall, central apartment is the luxury of the project, with prices starting at 2.4 million baht that is a very high price for such  a good location. The life you might have to rush each day. But here to make you acquainted with the relaxed comfort of living was surely the size room available in 4 models , which can meet all your needs exactly. And all rooms have a panoramic view and you can see the charm of the area you live.

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Luxury Townhouse on the golden location like Sukhnsawat Riad (Ekkamai-Ramindra Toll way), which offers a convenience travel and luxury life in the city center. This is a new design town house in Sky Hall model that open wide and with Moon Roof style that you can you see the beauty of the night sky of Bangkok ,which is a unique feature of the project and nowhere done before. The functions use within homes and accommodate all your needs . It is also close to the expressway near the many shopping center and market like CDC, CHIC REPUBLIC, THE CRYSTAL, THE WALK and education institutions like Kasetsart University, Bangkhen Branch. The project will have grand opening 19 January 2556. Landmark Ekkamai-Ramindra Condominium considered to be the first initiatives ever launched in early 2014 and for the Land and House Brand have guarantee  the best quality and well design, open all three floors and the roof is added with the visible sky for the main family room or central hall room , and also to connect different areas of the home that is proportional with modern design . Make the house look elegant , not detached and townhouse is greater than the other. The price of this project home prices starting at 12 million baht guarantee that many people are tired of the condo and have enough funds would have certainly turned their attention to this project .


The growing trend of Real estate sector particularly in condominium has been forecast that real estate will be continues to be growing, especially in Sukhumvit road. Mr. Serttha Thaweesin, The President of Sansiri Public Company Limited revealed that the buying power of those who need housing , both Thailand and foreign still believes in the growth of real estate sector in its best location or business area in Bangkok like, the area of Sukhumvit road which is expected to be invested after the AEC has affected. Therefore result in grow of sale in condominium unit in that area. Also in the heart of Sukhumvit such as Wireless Road, Sathorn and Silom that the new project of condo continuous developing and also increased sales . The prices are getting  higher every year including the price of land. Another investment of real estate is that the buyer purchased condominium for rent out for the foreign who work and live in Thailand, the rental price is very high. The land price in Sukhumvit and all area along the BTS getting higher every year.  You can seen from many Projects close to sold out , such as ” Via 31 ” worth 570 Million Baht and ” Via 49 ” worth 600 Million Baht. And recenty ” Via Botani” project worth 950 Million Baht on location of Sukhumvit 47-49 was sold out and transfers 100 % completed and most buyers these projects rent out the condo to foreigners like Japanese. The big project like “Wyne Sukhumvit ” worth 1,850 million baht , it has already sold 99 % which is expected before the end of the year to close the project goals. Sansiri Public Company Limited is successful enough to follow.

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After the dissolve the parliament of Thai Government the dream become shattered concerning  the real state business for a build that have not more than 8 floors and not more than 10,000 sq.m. required no EIA report and the EIA decentralized to local governor. But the president of Thai Condominium Association not give up will submit application to new Thai government again.

The hope to unlocked the preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment or Environmental Impact Assessment: EIA which the EIA in part of developer seem to be the law that consider as obstacle for developing a project, also the problem of the project that wait to be approve from Expert Committee  to analyze the Environmental impact assessment, because all the analyzing process is at one division expect a special economic area like Pattaya and Phuket.


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AP went forward to lunch the COO Condominiums in South Pattaya  worth 818 million baht targeting on real demand of new life style of people in Pattaya city. Under the concept of vintage loft .

Mr. Witthakarn Chanwimol, Vice President, Strategic Marketing Director of AP Co., Ltd. ( Thailand) revealed that after the successful condominium launches in many provinces such as Udon Thani, Phitsanulok and Bangkok , which has been received very well interest from buyer. So in the end of 2556 , the Company see the potential growth of the Pattaya City as the Central Business of  Eastern region of Thailand and for international level for the AEC in the future . With the increase in population and has continued response to modern living to a new residential condominium.

For COO Condominium project, south Pattaya is  worth 818 million, costumer target who live in local area and nearby like, Leam Chabang and Sattahip. Coo focus on location that give comfort for travel on South Pattaya road near Soi.17.

AP  company has focused on the design areas that focus on functionality that meet the lifestyle of young generation. Under the concept of Vintage Loft , creating the perfect space . And facilities include a lobby, clubhouse, fitness center, swimming pool and green garden surrounded projects COO Pattaya is located on approximately 5 acres of a condominium 8 storey 2 buildings with a maximum of  476 units Studio , Room size 28 square meters, with an allocation of space within the room. Respond to the real-life fully every square inch . With separate Living & Bedroom and Bathroom & Kitchen clearly in reach, only 1.59 million baht (60,000 baht / sq.m.) or pay by installment for only 2,500 baht / month.

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