Home Decor Ideas Make your room comfortable and wide open space

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For those who have a little space in their house or condo around 20-30 sq.m.,they probably feels similar to that initially uncomfortable with some of the stuff. They wants to split the room and make it comfortable so that they can breath easily.

Feeling like this we can make a new design with a new trend to increasing a height of the room, better storage, until you not recognize that is was your little room!

Of course everyone needs privacy and space. If you stay alone that is chill, but if you live with someone, shall occur upon the acquisition of problem-solving with partitions divide the living room and the bedroom. This problem can be solve by make a partition the bed room and living room.

In addition to make a proportions for the private space. It’s a spacious area is also an important requirement. The height of approximately 2.70 meters from the floor’s ceiling provides excellent tolerant, but if the extension does not increase the height and then actually use a large mirror walls with a size from floor to ceiling helps a lot as well.

Don’t forget the storage function, because the people who live in rectangular area are offensive encounters a problem to find their stuff or thing, also the cockroach can course a problem with you if you not organize you things. This issue will resolve itself with a store that has organized by both Built-in furniture and floating Wall shelves, Bookshelf, or even shoe rack in front of the Cabinet is turned off it looks clean and organized.




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