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Recently there are many house and condo project  developing in Bangkok, also expand to other provinces in many region of Thailand with the expansion of the economy or the area as a tourist attraction. This make people want to have a home and other residences in various forms to buy new projects are becoming more and more and of course application for the mortgage increasing more too.But with the current economic situation, many banks in Thailand have more stringent rules . Each bank will have different promotions and offer, resulted as the competition, for example they offer low interest rate or decrease interest rate during the first 1-3 years of finance. Especially GHB of Thailand this is a bank loan for housing which offer a very low interest rate than other banks.

But now many banks in Thailand in this financial competitions make a good deals for purchaser, some of the bank can make 100% loans of property price or my be 80%, this depend on the potential of the developer of the project. But all of these are just rough report because of the support of the Mortgage has several factors such as the economy, the liquidity of our customers. Potential of projects and trends in the real estate business. Nevertheless, government and various banks also provide credit support for housing because they hold the main factor of life.


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