Home Properties News Preuksa real estate not dreaded about Bank tightening home loan

A big real estate company like Preuksa very confident that it not very effective to company concerning the Bank become tightening home loan, they believe that the target customer is a real demand and really want to buy a house.

Mr. Lersak Julathet an Executive Vice President and Managing Director of  Prueksa Real Estate has commented on that in the case of financial institutions tend to adjust their lending to real estate clients in various states have more stringent criteria to prevent bad debts and customers can pay in installments over the period  of the contract , the company is not concerned with this matter, the overall customer base will be the demand for housing not a customer to buy for speculate. Therefore these customers tend to have a base salary sufficient for a mortgage loan and have well discipline in financial matters . Because no one wants bank to seize their property and the current guidelines of each institution was already stringent . Therefore, customers must have good credit, enough to ensure that they can make a loan.

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